Who am I? What defines me? What is my identity? These are big questions we’ve all struggled to answer. Oftentimes, people end up defining or defaulting their "primary" identity on what they do (e.g., schooling, career, athletics, hobbies, relationship roles, etc.), which unfortunately are all "secondary" identities. This out-of-order and worldly approach significantly limits one’s life and ultimately one’s identity. But there’s good news, God has explicitly and eloquently provided answers to these all-important questions in His Word.  
Did you know the Bible is a spiritual window and mirror that reveals who you are when you become a believer in Christ? Yes, when you decided to follow Jesus as Lord your identity transformed. And this new identity is game-changing good news!
It’s important to also remember that God created you; and therefore, only God has the ability and the right to tell you who you are – or in other words – what your true or "primary" identity is! If you’re a Christian, your identity includes all the victory, benefits, and abundance of being a beloved child of God. The below gallery of infographics represents a list of traits about your true identity according to the Bible. We suggest you read and print your favorite poster, and then begin memorizing and meditating on these items until they take root in your heart and become a reality to you!  
One more thing... in addition to the good news about your awesome new identity, did you know God also has an exciting – actually extraordinary – and prosperous plan specific to your life? Yes, your unique gifts, passions, talents, personality, and experiences are not random, but were intentionally designed by God all for the special assignment He has planned for you!